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(Because people refuse to be involved or, to accept the hard facts about India - the excluded, when massive education and school infrastructures work for only 6 hours and then close-down!!)

We have started a new education center this month for children at a garbage site in Khichripur. It is our endeavour to ensure that education is accessible to every child regardless of the social or economic condition. The free space allowed to us has illegally been converted into a parking space by the local residents. Our Chairperson Renu Singh conducts the entire center and classes on her own along with some volunteers. Photographs of the work in progress are attached herewith for your perusal.

Your Involvement is Prayed for
We would be grateful to you for some support by way of used furniture, mattresses and a laser printer for the computer - our cost in regard to photocopies and printing is becoming unmanageable with each passing day.

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