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Purpose & Mission

Experience the difference you help to initiate NAYA RASTA What we do A fresh approach helps build a better world. We do community-led development works closely with people to ensure our work creates lasting change and helps to lift whole families and communities out of poverty.

We learn
From every programme that we design at NAYA RASTA achieves two aims. It should improve the lives of children in the long term. It should also teach us how to work better. We want to one day become a model for institutions worldwide. We are all about collecting facts and figures that are current and correct and, evolving solutions from within.

We do honest business
I am sure you would like to be with us and, if possible, fund our work. We do not talk in terms of vast incomputable sums of money – the smallest contribution from your side is invaluable to us.

NAYA RASTA creates innovative social enterprise products that make people happy. We want to make the world better with everything we do. Check them out and see if there's something for you!

Who we are

We are a team of closely bonded people dedicated to building a world where every child has an equal opportunity.

We develop ways to keep children at school and learning to their full potential. To do this, in each community, we identify the barriers that come in the child’s way and remove them. This can mean the widest possible range of activities from health reasons to handicraft and multiple intelligence issues. NAYA RASTA applies traditional and contemporary knowledge to the best effect and, it works.

Please do get in touch. If you have any questions at all We are a small grassroots organisation – do get back to us.

NAYA RASTA has a small group of supporters who who support our Purpose and Mission contribute to fund as much as they are able to and that, takes us through.

From the office of the Treasurer – join us over a cup of tea and snacks any evening to experience how far that small bit of money goes in this bleak world.

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