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NAYA RASTA is a small organisation working at the grassroots level in Trilokpuri, a resettlement colony in Delhi. The organisation is managed and run by girls only, born and brought up in this area and who, continue to live here due to hostile family pressures besides social and economic constraints that do not allow any space to the girls beyond marriage at the age of fourteen and below.

Violence against girls in Society dominates our lives worldwide and yet, there is not a single genuine concrete solution from any source anywhere that looks at the reason behind such incidents.

We are running programmes to change the attitude and behaviour of boys in the very formative years and inculcating in them certain changes - the ability to accept that boys and girls are equal in every respect and in fact, science proves that women and girls are superior in many areas which relate to creativity, comprehension, endurance and resilience. The world is over-burdened by a baseless patriarchial society using brute force and wars to abuse and dehumanise girls worldwide.

NAYA RASTA on-going programmes ''SCHOOL ON THE WAY, street plays under the name of 'SANSKAAR to improve communication techniques, a street corner library with over 3000 reference books for competitive examinations and general reading - programmes that help bring boys and girls together on an equal plain to establish working and creative consonance. Regular tuition/Remedial classes are organised. We also act as a bridge between the public and the law enforcement agencies as PARA LEGAL VOLUNTEERS to ensure immediate support in times of crises and conflict

NAYA RASTA initiatives stand against the existing patriarchal system promotes equality for all. I am sure you are fully aware that in matters of domestic conflict, religion or inter-caste marriages the decision of the village/community elders (better known as KHAP) holds sway above the courts and the law enforcement agencies - a situation which would be difficult to comprehend.

In developing our SCHOOL ON THE WAY, communication techniques and street plays and improving legal access to our target beneficiaries since a major part of our work deals with emergencies. We work on child Rights and the Rights of women and girls. Being a grassroots organisation we are entirely dependent upon the support of community members and well-wishers but even with the best of efforts, we are unable to indulge in any long-term planning which, negates much of what we do.

Born and brought up in the target area, experiencing the missing out on opportunities for now over 36 years. The home address is sufficient to ensure rejection being a resettlement colony with no right to property, livelihood or infrastructure facilities, high density of population, illiteracy in the senior population and the women. Life ends in early marriage by 14 leading to further destitution and poverty. People here experience exploitation and abuse in every form. I do not have any partners

Our entire activity is focused on Behaviour Change and AWARENESS BUILDING - AWARENESS EMPOWERS. The fight is for equal rights, inclusion, representation and securing justice for all. We as a unit work to ensure that injustice is not perpetrated and there is sufficient protection all-round to take immediate retaliatory action.

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